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Renewal Testing Locations


The Breath Testing Inspector’s schedules may change due to subpoenas.  Please contact the host site before traveling to a scheduled renewal examination to make sure the schedule has not changed.

All renewal test locations are listed in lower case format. Some sites will have a notice to contact the Alcohol Drug Testing program at (614) 644-4609 to sign up for the renewal test. Unless otherwise indicated, testing will be conducted at the listed law enforcement facility.

Basic Training:

All basic classes are listed on the calendar in all CAPITAL LETTERS. Complete a Request for Training Form and fax the form to the fax line for Alcohol Drug Testing program at (614) 728-9179.


Instruments for renewal testing will no longer be specified on the calendar.  Inspectors will carry equipment to conduct renewal testing on any breath testing instrument for all permits.  If you are renewing an Intoxilyzer 8000 card (written and proficiency for expired cards), we do ask that you notify our office so the inspector will be prepared for those tests.


Testing will start promptly at the time stated in the calendar.  Persons arriving late should not expect to be admitted for testing.  Once written testing begins, persons will not be admitted.

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Last Updated: 01/10/2018

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