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Skin-to-Skin Training

The Ohio Department of Health partnered with University of Louisville Center for Women and Infants at the University of Louisville Hospital to unite obstetrical healthcare staff at the Ohio birthing hospitals to implement Kangaroo Care as a standard of care in the delivery rooms and postpartum areas for the purposes of increasing breastfeeding rates. Each hospital that attended received a “Jumping into Kangaroo Care” tool-kit comprised of professional training DVD, a patient education DVD and a CD-ROM with support materials. Overall,

  • 19 one-day train-the-trainer workshops were offered

  • 92 birthing hospitals across Ohio attended

  • 391 hospital staff were trained

  • 193 toolkits were distributed

Participating hospitals are collecting data monthly, for one year, on their Kangaroo Care and breastfeeding rates

Last Updated: 8/18/16