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Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement

The Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement includes the following programs and offices: Rural Health, Patient Centered Medical Homes, Health Equity, Cultural Competency, Disability & Health, Accreditation, the State Health Assessment, the State Health Improvement Plan, and Strategic planning. Below you will find additional details about the services provided in the Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement.


The Office of Performance Improvement guides the agency through national accreditation, assisting in supporting local health departments in becoming accredited, facilitates the State Health Assessment, State Health Improvement Plan, Strategic Plan, and continuous quality improvement projects.


Performance Improvement:

  • Continuously finding new and improved ways of doing things we do every day in every department. Here is an example.
  • Improving processes and systems, as well as improving individual work standards and habits.
  • Developing measures and benchmarks to compare past performance, identify performance gaps, and track performance progress.
  • Expanding access to data available for assessment, planning and decision-making.


What is health access? Access to health care means having timely use of comprehensive*, integrated, and appropriate health services to achieve the best health outcomes.  ** *Comprehensive includes physical, behavioral (mental health and addiction services), and oral healthcare services. ** Definition adapted from the Institute of Medicine and the Health Policy Institute of Ohio Access policy considerations include:

  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate care
  • Health equity (e.g., addressing health disparities)
  • Consumer awareness of appropriate access points
  • Coverage and affordability
  • Quality of care/Quality Improvement
  • Diverse and adequate workforce (e.g., enough primary care providers)
  • Influenced by factors such as travel (and transportation), distance, waiting time, available financial resources, and availability of a regular source of care.
  • Achieving the Triple Aim:  Improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the cost of health care

The Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement addresses health access in Ohio through programs, projects, and initiatives involving cultural competency, primary care, rural health, patient-centered medical homes (PCMH), disability and health, and uninsured care access.


What is health equity? The ability of marginalized groups to achieve optimal health (like those with access to social determinants) is referred to as health equity.  The Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement addresses health equity in Ohio through programs, projects, and initiatives involving cultural competency, addressing health disparities, and promoting health equity.  


Cultural Competency The state and nation as a whole, is experiencing rapidly shifting demographic patterns. The minority population in Ohio increased by 20% between 2000 and 2010, and is still growing. According to the Office of Minority Health, a culturally and linguistically competent staff is better able to discuss healthcare beliefs, needs and preventative care without being hindered by cultural differences or barriers. When service providers are more knowledgeable of and respectful towards the needs and beliefs of diverse patients, they are able to be more responsive to these needs to bring about positive health outcomes. In response, to this changing trend, the Ohio Department of Health’s Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement aims to create and maintain a culturally competent workforce and environment to more effectively engage the increasing diversity and reduce health disparities in Ohio through training and embracing ODH Cultural Competency Standards.    


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Page updated: 5/30/2017