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Ohio Abstinence Education Program 

Program Purpose    

The goal of Ohio’s Abstinence Education Program is to increase the number of youth who abstain from sexual activity and other related risky behaviors to reduce out-of-wedlock births and sexually transmitted infections.


Teenage pregnancy is a complex social issue which has far-reaching consequences in the lives of the teen parents, their children, and the entire State of Ohio.  The cultural and economic differences that vary from county to county present a challenge in developing a state-wide prevention program.  The inclusion of an abstinence education message is a critical component of Ohio’s comprehensive prevention efforts that is respectful and responsive to the diverse populations, regions, and values across the state.

The Abstinence Education Program is federally funded through Fiscal Year 2016. States are encouraged to develop flexible, medically accurate and effective abstinence-based plans responsive to their specific needs.

Program Design

The primary focus of Ohio's abstinence education program is on 32 Appalachian and eight urban counties identified by the Ohio Department of Health. Local abstinence education providers represent a variety of abstinence education programs to provide classroom sessions, webinars for professionals and parents, and seminars and workshops for classroom teachers, community members, and parents.  See the map of the Abstinence Education Program regions and contact information chart for more details.

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Contact information

For additional information about Abstinence Education programs across Ohio please contact:

Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Community Health Services and Patient Centered Primary Care
School and Adolescent Health Section
246 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio   43215

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