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Learn about an Asthma Action Plan


The Asthma Action Plan is a written treatment plan for home, work or school. Some call it the RED Yellow Green plan. It a clear set of directions to use every day. The doctor, person with asthma and family work together and create a plan that works best. 

The Action Plan has three parts:

The Green section tells about when you feel good and have no asthma symptoms. It has the medicine you take every day. It is how you should feel when asthma is under control.

The Yellow section tells about symptoms of an asthma attack. It has what medicine you take when you have asthma symptoms. It has phone numbers and directions on calling for help.

The Red section tells about when the asthma attack gets worse. It lists medicine to take until help arrives and phone numbers to call for help.

Learn more about an Asthma Action Plan. Print it and take it with you to your next doctor visit.

Call EMS or 911 if you have a hard time breathing, walking or talking.


Page Updated: 10/25/2017