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Learn about Asthma Signs and Symptoms

Remember, anyone can have asthma.

Asthma Signs

Asthma needs long-term control. People with asthma may have mild symptoms that only last a few minutes. They may have more harmful symptoms that last hours or days. People with asthma can have symptoms at any time. This is called an asthma attack. Some call it an asthma flare-up. Asthma can make a normal life not easy when it is not under control.

Symptoms of asthma are

  • Cough

  • Wheezing (a whistle, squeaky sound when breathing)

  • Short of breath

  • Breathing fast

  • Tight chest

Note when you have asthma symptoms so you can tell your doctor. This will help your doctor treat you. Remember, the doctor treats every person with asthma different. 

Asthma symptoms get worse for some people

  • When around and breathing in asthma triggers

  • At night or early morning (may be the only symptom for a child)

  • During exercise

  • During a season of the year

  • During a cold or flu

  •  After laughing or crying

  • During stress 

Learn about asthma signs asthma symptoms.


Page Updated: 10/25/2017