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Asthma deaths in Ohio

One Ohioan dies of asthma every two or three days.

Asthma deaths are relatively rare, but preventable with proper asthma management. Failure to maintain good control of asthma symptoms may contribute to a higher risk of death. Asthma deaths can occur both in people with mild intermittent and severe persistent asthma. The majority of asthma-related deaths occur in persons aged 65 years and older, but individuals of any age are at risk. Proper asthma management not only reduces mortality risk, but also improves symptoms and quality of life.

Although asthma is not a leading cause of death, it is still the cause of more than 3,300 deaths per year nationally (11.0 per million population) and 155 asthma deaths per year in Ohio (13.7 per million Ohioans).

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Page Updated: 12/07/2017