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Asthma callback survey

The Asthma Call-Back Survey (ACBS) is an in-depth asthma survey developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to gather information on asthma-related symptoms, health care, medication, patient education and management among U.S. adults and children with asthma. The ACBS is conducted by individual state health departments as an optional follow-on survey to their state’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (BRFSS).

The Ohio Department of Health Asthma Program collects and maintains Ohio data from the ACBS, as well as the BRFSS, through the Ohio Surveillance System for Asthma (OSSA). The ACBS, which has been conducted in Ohio on an ongoing basis since 2007, provides valuable information on how consistently Ohio health care providers are providing asthma management education to their patients.

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Created 1/21/16