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Creating a Smoke Free School Zone – The Ohio Department of Health provides information about making school a Tobacco free zone. Learn the benefit of adopting a smoke free school and comprehensive tobacco-free policies for your school. Click here for more information.


Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – The Environmental Protection Agency states, “Good IAQ contributes to a favorable environment for students, performance of teachers and staff and a sense of comfort, health and well-being. These elements combine to assist a school in its core mission — educating children”. Managing asthma in a school environment requires attention to the school indoor environment. The Environmental Protection Agency provides tools for adopting Indoor Air Quality best practice.

  • Click here for A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Schools, an EPA guide for a healthy school environment.

  • Click here to access School IAQ Assessment App is available for download on Apple App Store and Google play.

  • Click here for a guide to managing asthma – Managing Asthma in the School Environment.


    Facility Maintenance – The EPA has additional resources available assisting with creating and maintenance of healthy school facilities:

  • Click here for a guide to Controlling Pollutants and Sources: Indoor Air Quality Design Tools for Schools. This resource lists typical sources of indoor air pollutants and corresponding information.
  • Click here to learn about the connection between health complaints and common solutions for the school through the Indoor Air Quality Problem Solving Tool.
  • Click here to learn about the HVAC system – Technical Solutions to Common Indoor Air Quality Issues in Schools.


School Bus

  • Click here for more Clean School Bus information.

  • Click here for Idle Free Schools question and answers.


    School Maintenance

  • Click here for ways to take steps toward a Green Cleaning Program in your school, decreasing exposure to chemicals to staff and students.

  • Click here for information on integrated Pest Management.

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