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Medical Management Support (health services)

  • Asthma Emergency Plan – The purpose of an Asthma Emergency Plan is twofold, it is to:


    •  Assist school staff identify a person having an asthma emergency by their signs and symptoms

    • Initiate your school’s trained staff into implementing the Asthma Emergency Action Plan unique to your school 

  • Stock Asthma Inhaler - Your school may procure non-individual specific asthma inhaler, or stock asthma inhaler, as part of your Asthma Emergency Action Plan.


    • Stock inhaler - An asthma inhaler train-the-trainer course has been designed for the licensed health professional and builds upon his/her training and professional knowledge. The course will provide training to the licensed health professional on the current Ohio law permitting school districts to procure, store and administer “stock” asthma inhaler medication.


Page Updated: 1/24/2018