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Ohio Primary Care Workforce Planning

Various trends are likely to impact future demand for health care services, including the aging of the population and the planned extension of health insurance coverage to millions of uninsured Americans.  These factors will place increased demands on a health care system that is already experiencing provider shortages in certain locations, such as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).

To help ensure adequate access to care for Ohioans, the Primary Care Office is coordinating a statewide strategic planning effort focused on addressing Ohio’s primary care workforce needs.  With an initial focus on primary care physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants, this planning effort will form the basis of a broader initiative to assess and plan for the development of Ohio’s healthcare workforce.

Statewide Meeting and Regional Forums

As part of these ongoing efforts, the Statewide Strategic Planning Meeting, Building Capacity to Address Ohio’s Primary Care Workforce Needs, was held in Columbus on Sept. 28, 2010. 

The meeting included presentation of data on Ohio’s primary care workforce, information related to the impact of health care reform on the primary care workforce and an introduction to the patient-centered medical home model. Recorded presentations from the meeting are available for viewing through the linked document below.

Statewide Strategic Planning Meeting Presentations, Sept. 2010

A compendium incorporating data on Ohio’s primary care workforce from several sources was distributed at the meeting and is available for download in .PDF format below.

Ohio Primary Care Workforce Data Compendium, 2010

Facilitated break-out sessions were held during the meeting to begin formulating recommendations addressing Ohio’s primary care workforce needs.

Following the statewide meeting, four regional forums were held around Ohio to collect additional stakeholder input, building upon recommendations identified during the statewide meeting. Recommendations were ranked based on stakeholders’ priorities, with priority recommendations selected for inclusion in the Draft Ohio Primary Care Workforce Plan.

Ohio Primary Care Workforce Plan

During an open comment period that ended on Feb. 24, 2011, the Primary Care Office requested public input on the Draft Ohio Primary Care Workforce Plan, available below.

Draft Ohio Primary Care Workforce Plan

Comments are currently being reviewed and the updated Ohio Primary Care Workforce Plan will be posted on this Web page once complete.

This project is being coordinated by the Primary Care Office, with support from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and the Health Resources and Services Administration Region V Office of Regional Operations.

For more information, please contact:

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