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Ohio Senate Bill 210

Ohio Senate Bill 210, known as the Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act, became law June 18, 2010. The law contains provisions to combat childhood obesity in the next several years by increasing students’ physical activity and ensuring access to healthy meals and beverages at school.

Originally, the law required all city, exempted village, local and chartered-nonpublic schools, community schools and district-owned and operated STEM schools to conduct body mass index (BMI) screenings each year for all students in kindergarten, third, fifth and ninth grades. To be in compliance with the Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act (SB 210), districts were required to either report the aggregate BMI data to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) by May 15 each year or submit a waiver affidavit to the Ohio Department of Education.

A BMI waiver is no longer required if your district elects not to conduct BMI screening. Senate Bill 316 changed the language in the Ohio Revised Code making the implementation of the BMI screening optional, thereby eliminating the need to obtain a state waiver.  Districts that elect to conduct BMI screening will continue to submit their data to the ODH at  Participation in BMI screening will be reported on the District Physical Education and Wellness Measure on the Local Report Card beginning with the 2012-13 school year. If you have any additional questions, please contact Dawn Ayres at

For general information, contact:

Heidi Scarpitti
Ohio Department of Health
School and Adolescent Health
(614) 752-4224 

For information about  the Local Report Card, contact:

Dawn Ayres
Ohio Department of Education
Office of Family and Community Support
(614) 466-9271

For information on the six implementation steps for a BMI screening program, a sample parent notification/results letter and permission form, as well as the tools for collecting and submitting the data, please visit the ODE SB 210 Web page and scroll down to these resources on the page.

Page Updated: 03/30/2017

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