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Role of the Public Health Nurse with the BCMH Program 

BCMH views the local public health nurse as an essential member of the health care team.  Public health nurses in public health agencies, as well as some nurses in BCMH-contracted home health agencies, work with BCMH to provide essential services to children with special health care needs and their families in their local communities.

Responsibilities of the Public Health Nurse:

  • Identifies children who have medically handicapping conditions

  • Informs families about the availability of the BCMH program and enrollment requirements

  • Refers children to BCMH physician providers through the diagnostic referral process

  • Makes home visits to children on the BCMH program to provide:

    • Nursing assessment of the child and family

    • Assistance in developing nursing care plans

    • Anticipatory guidance and health promotion

    • Coordination of community services

    • Ongoing follow-up as needed


  • Performs service coordination activities including:

    • Nursing assessment of the child and family

    • Identification of the needs of the child and family

    • Identification of linkages with appropriate services

    • Education of the child and family about prescribed care

    • Collaboration with other providers and agencies to ensure the family’s understanding and cooperation

    • Promotion of independence in the child and family

    • Preparation of families to seek appropriate support in times of crisis and transition


  • Documents the nursing process and service coordination activities through PHN visit reports and comprehensive service plans

  • Communicates with health care professionals and other providers, such as the Help Me Grow service coordinator, involved in the care of the child

  • Works with the Help Me Grow service coordinators to provide consultative service, nursing assessment and referrals



Last Updated: 6/29/2017