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Provider Eligibility and Enrollment

All services authorized and paid by BCMH must be provided by BCMH-approved providers. BCMH has a network of more than 8,000 health care providers throughout the state including physicians, dentists, therapists, registered dietitians, service coordinators, rehabilitation clinics (therapy services), hospitals, optometrists, audiologists, pharmacies, pharmacists, psychologists, speech pathologists, medical equipment suppliers, public health departments and nurse anesthetists.

Enrollment Process

To receive a provider application, contact the provider management unit at BCMH central office (614) 466-1700 or

To be enrolled as a provider, an applicant must:

  • Complete the BCMH Provider Application Form
  • Complete the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-9 Form
  • Document professional training and experience in treating children with handicapping conditions
  • Provide verification of credentials
  • Sign the BCMH Provider Agreement
  • Participate as a provider for the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) Medicaid program.  This requirement is waived for health departments, service coordinators, community dietitians, certain individual therapists and pharmacists.

Authorization for Delivery of Services

All providers are authorized to provide services based on their scope of practice, licensure and/or certification. Physician providers must be board certified in an eligible specialty by the appropriate member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties or a certifying board of the American Osteopathic Association. Hospitals are designated by BCMH to provide services, based on their staff, facilities and accreditation. In addition, comprehensive care and team management are encouraged and often required by BCMH in its effort to assure quality care and services to children with specific medically handicapping conditions.  For details regarding a hospital designation where you practice, you may contact the BCMH field nurse case manager for your area at the BCMH central office (614) 466-1700.

Removal of Providers from Active Status

A provider may request to be removed as an active provider at any time. Providers must notify BCMH of any changes in provider status. BCMH may remove a provider from active status if the provider has failed to notify BCMH of changes in:

  • Ownership, licensure, certification or registration status
  • Mailing and/or billing address
  • Federal tax identification number

Providers are notified 30 days prior to removal from the BCMH program. Providers will have immediate removal if their tax identification number (TIN) is incorrect or their Medicaid providership has been terminated.

Last Updated: 6/29/2017