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Grant Initiatives

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) funds two grant initiatives under the Sickle Cell Services Program related to sickle cell disease and other hemoglobinopathies:  Direct Service Initiative and Statewide Family Support Initiative.  Funds for both initiatives are composed of funds generated from a portion of the state Newborn Screening fee and distributed through an established grant application and selection process.

Click here for Direct Service Initiative to learn more about grant funds to (1) ensure and enhance the availability and accessibility of quality, comprehensive sickle cell services and care for newborns, children and adults and (2) promote public and professional education about hemoglobinopathies.

Click here for Statewide Family Support Initiative to learn more about grant funds to support the provision of statewide training, education, advocacy and support/empowerment resources related hemoglobinopathies and the professionals who serve them.

ODH Grant Funding

For more information about ODH grant funding or to view archived competitive Sickle Cell Request for Proposals, go to

Note:  Any grant award made through the ODH Sickle Cell Services Program is contingent upon the availability of funds for this purpose.


Last updated 8/13/2014