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NATCEP Trainer Information and Initial Application

Application and Required Documents

An initial application and a non-refundable $300.00 fee are required for any prospective program. The following documentation must be submitted for the Program Coordinator (PC) and each Primary Instructor (PI):

  • Current resume
  • Letter(s) of employment verification
  • Current, valid TTT certificate
  • RN/LPN licensure verification
  • PC agreement

Additionally the following must be submitted with each application:

  • Initial Application
  • A signed and dated clinical site agreement with at least one nursing home
  • Examples of two skills checklists that will be used during skills training
  • A copy of your proposed curriculum or indication that you are using the ODH curriculum  

Submit the entire application packet and fee (business check or money order only) to:

Ohio Department of Health
Attn: NATCEP Unit
P.O. Box 15278Columbus, Ohio 43215-0278

Other documentation may be requested by the ODH NATCEP Unit. Programs expire two years from the approval date and may be renewed for additional two-year timeframes. Reminder notices to complete the online renewal application are sent 120 days prior to a program’s expiration. Applications and renewal fees are due at least 60 days prior to program expiration.

Application Timeframes

Once the NATCEP unit has received your application, it will be reviewed to ensure that all of the needed documentation have been submitted.  If the application is incomplete, the NATCEP Unit will contact you; the deadline will not be extended but could be held over to the next deadline

Once complete, the application is reviewed in-depth for compliance with rules 3701-18.  You will receive written notice of approval or a written proposal to deny approval of your application once the review is completed. Walk-in applications are accepted; however, they cannot be reviewed at that time as they must go through proper channels first.

Below is the schedule for receiving and approving the applications.  All applications must be received no less than 60 days prior to the next approval period.  Approval periods indicate the first date you could hold classes if your application is approved.

Applications Must be Received By

Approved By 

 Dec. 1  Feb. 1
 Feb. 1  April 1
 April 1  June 1
 June 1  Aug. 1
 Aug. 1  Oct. 1
 Oct. 1  Dec. 1

Individuals who are considering a PC position must have at least two years (year defined as a minimum of 1600 hours) of RN experience in the care of the elderly or chronically ill of any age. At least one of those years must be as an RN in a nursing home. Nursing home hours must be verified via letters from current and/or previous employers where the work was provided. Individuals considering a PI position have similar requirements; the nursing home component is not a requirement but is highly recommended. Completion of an ODH-approved TTT program is also required for PCs and PIs. An LPN may work as a PI but only in a facility-based program (owned and operated by a nursing home). 



Care of the elderly or chronically ill of any age includes but is not limited to: nursing home, assisted living, hospice, certain hospital medical-surgical units and evaluating care provided by individuals (e.g.: nurse aide or nursing students) in a nursing home clinical training setting. Experience does not include areas such as: ER, doctor’s office, school nurse, outpatient care, same-day surgery/procedures, psychological nursing, adult day care, ID/DD, prison nursing or any other area that does not involve day-to-day care of individuals (ADLs, personal care, etc.) where this care is provided 24 hours per day.


Last Updated: 09/28/2017