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Train the Trainer Information and Application

Application and Required Documents

An initial application and a non-refundable $600.00 fee are required for any prospective program.

The following documentation must be submitted for the Program Coordinator (PC) and each Primary Instructor (PI):

  • Current resume
  • Letter(s) of employment verification
  • Current, valid TTT certificate
  • RN/LPN licensure verification
  • PC agreement

Additionally, the following must be submitted with each application:

  • Initial Application
  • Table of organization
  • Program curriculum using ODH TTT Program andCurriculum Guidelines
  • Class evaluation forms
  • Student training manual
  • Classroom or clinical site contracts if applicable

Submit the entire application packet and fee (business check or money order only) to:

Ohio Department of Health
Revenue Processing
Attn: NATCEP Unit
P.O. Box 15278
Columbus, Ohio 43215-0278

Other documentation may be requested by the ODH NATCEP Unit. Programs expire two years from the approval date and may be renewed for additional two-year timeframes. Reminder notices to complete the online renewal application are sent 120 days prior to a program’s expiration. A re-approval application and fees are due at least 60 days prior to program expiration.

Application Timeframes

Once the NATCEP unit has received your application, it will be reviewed to ensure that all of the needed documentation have been submitted.  If the application is incomplete the NATCEP Unit will contact you; the deadline will not be extended but could be held over to the next deadline

Once complete, the application is reviewed in-depth for compliance with Chapter 3701-18 of the OAC.  You will receive written notice of approval or a written proposal to deny approval of your application once the review is completed.

Below is the schedule for receiving and approving the applications.  All applications must be received no less than 60 days prior to the next approval period.

Applications Must be Received By

Approved By

Dec. 1 Feb. 1
Feb. 1 April 1
April 1 June 1
June 1 Aug. 1
Aug. 1 Oct. 1
Oct. 1 Dec. 1

Program Information

Topics for training include: Framework for Training, Training Environment, Course Material Design and Development Process, and learning the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules that pertain to NATCEP and TTT.  An oral presentation is also required as part of the training and participants must achieve a minimum 70% on the final examination. Qualifications to attend a TTT program are the same as for PC and/or PI minus the Certificate of Completion.

A TTT program must be no less than 28 hours in length and completers will receive an official ODH Certificate of Completion. In order for an individual’s TTT certificate to remain current, he/she must teach at least eight hours in an Ohio NATCEP within a 24-month period and be able to provide verification that it has not been longer than two years since he/she last taught.


Last Updated: 04/03/2015