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Resources for EH DSI

Local Health Districts can find various resources to the new EH DSI project on this page.

Recorded Trainings

BASIC Training (April 28, 2014) click here

PAC Training (April 7, 2014) part 1 click here

PAC Training (April 7, 2014) part 2 click here

Mobile Unit Training (April 21, 2014) click here

Resource documents provided by HealthSpace

Courtesy of the Licking and Franklin County Health Departments:

Knowing that many local health districts are in the process of transitioning to the EH DSI system, Licking County and Franklin County Health Districts have graciously agreed to share their training materials they used for their staff to learn the system and ease into the transition to Healthspace.  These documents may not be applicable to every health district, but they are being shared in the event they can be of benefit to others.

Licking County

Franklin County


EH DSI Hardware Discussion Document


Last Updated: 11/24/2015