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Sampling Procedures 

A Guide to Collecting Grab and Composite Cyanotoxin Samples - created by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA)

  •     This video demonstrates cyanotoxin sample collection procedures at beaches for both grab and composite samples.

For other samples - To assure consistency in collecting samples for analysis, the following procedures are used:

  1. Specific sites (or the same locations) should be designated for collecting samples during the bathing season.
  2. Collectors should sample where the water is about three (3) feet deep, in an area of the beach generally used for swimming.
  3. The sample bottle should be inverted. With a sweeping motion, the sample should be collected from about one (1) foot below the water surface.
  4. Every precaution should be taken to minimize sediment or debris in the sample. In cases where debris or sediment is present throughout the sample, this information should be noted on the laboratory form.
  5. The collector should complete the laboratory form, noting such items as water temperature and clarity, and general weather conditions as indicated.

Page updated: 11/07/16