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Public Health Consultations

Health consultations are similar to the environmental health Public Health Assessment. However, a health consultation will usually address one specific site-related public health concern. A series of health consultations may be written for one site.

Health consultations, which are intended to prevent or reduce the hazardous levels of exposure to toxic substances, may lead to recommendations for specific actions. Actions such as restricting the use of or replacing water supplies, intensifying environmental sampling, restricting site access, or removing contaminated materials are just a few public health actions that may be suggested.

The health consultation may also produce comment addressing the plan for a site cleanup. For instance, the EPA might design a plan that outlines what is to be sampled at a specific site. After a review of the plan, the Health Assessment Section might add additional sampling and/or request specific sampling methods.

Below is a listing of finalized ODH-produced public health consultations for hazardous waste sites in Ohio since 2003. Due to space limitations, some of the below public health consultation figures, charts, tables or graphs may not be available on-line. For copies of the figures, tables, charts or graphs, please contact an ODH Health Assessment Section representative.

A & L Salvage Landfill
Armentrout Excavating Landfill
Bank Avenue Landfill 2010
Bank Avenue Landfill 2012
Bank Avenue Letter Health Consult April 2012
Behr VOC Plume Site - Phase 1 US EPA Investigation
Behr VOC Plume Site - Phase 1 Chrysler Investigation
Brentwood Estates
Cincinnati Country Day School
Clyde Public Health Consultation
Clyde Health Consultation one-page summary
Clyde Timeline 2013
Delphi VOC Plume Site
Donnelsville Contaminated Aquifer
East Troy VOC Plume Site
Fair Oak Park
Former Chevron Refinery 2004
Former Chevron Refinery 2006
Former Chevron Refinery 2011
Fostoria City Dump
Geauga Industries
Heritage Thermal Services
Holden Elementary School Letter HC April 2012
Husky Lima Refinery Release
Jerry's Professional Cleaners
Jesse Beer /Bahl Ave Wells Site
Kings Junior High School
Kiwanis Lake
Lanxess Inc.
Laugh And Learn Daycare
Lexington Manor
New Carlisle Well Site
Ottawa Lead Site 
Phillipsburg Community Park July 29, 2008
Phillipsburg Community Park June 11, 2009
Rose Exterminator Letter Health Consult April 17, 2009
Rose Exterminator August 28, 2009
Ross Park Tar
Sawyer Ludwig Park
Springfield Street VOC Plume
Valley Pike VOC Site
Village of Wellington
Warren Township Cistern

* To view a full listing of Ohio's finalized ATSDR Public Health Assessments and Health Consultations, visit our ATSDR Cooperative Agreement partner Web site by clicking on the following link: ATSDR/ODH Public Health Assessments and Health Consultations for Ohio sites


Last reviewed 12/7/2015