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For Pregnant Women

Lead is dangerous for the developing fetus, and it can be found in the blood and bones of pregnant women who have been exposed to lead hazards. Once lead is in the body, it can cross the placental barrier and affect the fetus. Immediate effects can include miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery and low birth weight. Lead can also be passed to a newborn infant through breast feeding. Learn more about how to protect yourself and your baby from the harmful effects of lead.

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Prenatal Risk Assessment of Exposure 

Pregnancy, Lead and Your Baby 

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Lead and a Healthy diet

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Information for Pregnant Women

Mailing Address:
Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection
Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) Program
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Telephone: (614) 466-2627 or 1-877-LEADSAFE (532-3723)

Fax: (614) 728-6793

Last Reviewed: 12/23/2015