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Promoting Tobacco Cessation in Ohio 

Are you planning to quit smoking or the use of another tobacco product? Congratulations on your decision and best wishes in your journey. Most find quitting difficult but one would be hard-pressed to find someone who regrets quitting smoking for good. The benefits of quitting begin within the first hour and only increase as the hours and days pass.

Many people trying to quit have tried before. It is not uncommon to enjoy success for a period of time and have something, perhaps a stressful life event, result in a relapse to smoking.  Think about what has worked in the past. More importantly, think about what did not work. Consider your triggers and make a plan for cravings. Get help and support, talk to your doctor about medication options. Be kind to yourself and know that quitting is a sprint and not a race.

Ohio Department of Health’s Tobacco Program offers several different resources to help you, or someone you know, begin a new tobacco-free life.