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Background and purpose

In order to gain a better picture of the amount and reach of tobacco cessation programs in the state of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), in conjunction with Strategic Research Group (SRG), conducted a survey of agencies offering tobacco cessation services. This survey was conducted over the spring and summer of 2015 and the resulting data was used to develop a searchable database of tobacco cessation services, which is outlined below:

The database is searchable by the following variables:

  • County or counties served
  • Service(s) offered: Individual, group, or telephonic counseling; classes and workshops.
  • Funding source(s): Insurance reimbursement, Medicaid, individual pay, sliding fee based on income, and/or grant.
  • Population(s) served: All, uninsured, low income, WIC, pregnant women/families, youth, insured individuals, patients at a medical facility, health plan members, businesses, schools, veterans, and/or nonprofit agencies.

In addition to the items listed above, search results will include the following information:

  • Program elements: Treatment plan, healthy lifestyle component, medical component, education component, and/or incentive.
  • Is at least one counselor/instructor a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist? Y/N
  • Agency Contact Information (if provided): Name, address, contact person name, contact person email, contact person phone number.

Notes and considerations:

  • Some information may be missing because it wasn’t collected or the respondent opted not to provide it
  • Only those who gave explicit permission for their agency and service information to be shared on the ODH website and/or with the Ohio Quit Line are included in the database.

How to download database:

1) Download and save document (here) to your computer.

2) Upon opening the file, click “Enable Content” to remove the security warning.

3) Specify your search parameters; click “search” to generate the results.

4) Click the “controls” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet; either save the results as a pdf or start a new search

Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions to search the database


In order to maintain an up-to-date database, the survey below will be mailed out annually to local agencies, hospitals, clinics, and health departments. However, if you would like to update your services or information now, or get added to the database if you aren’t already in it, please complete the survey (below) and return it to the address indicated at the end of the survey.

Click here to download survey

Note: The database is updated on a quarterly basis, so it may take some time for your agency’s information to appear. If you have questions or concerns, please email