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Smoke-Free or Tobacco-Free Policies are Being Adopted Throughout Ohio – in Education, in Housing and in Municipalities  

Contact the Ohio Department of Health Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program if you are seeking information about adopting a smoke-free or tobacco-free policy.  We can provide guidance and other resources to assist you. Contact us at 614-728-2429 or

Tobacco Free Policies

Tobacco-Free Schools Policies for Ohio School Districts: 

Tobacco prevention efforts in Ohio achieved an important milestone in July 2011 when the Ohio State Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt a resolution endorsing the 100 percent tobacco-free public school campuses model policy. An increasing number of school districts are adopting tobacco-free policies.   

Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Policies in Ohio College Campuses:

In July 2012, the Ohio Board of Regents voted unanimously to recommend that each board of trustees of the University System of Ohio consider adopting a smoke-free policy. Across the state, public and private higher education institutions are adopting smoke-free and tobacco-free policies.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing in Ohio:

In an effort to protect all residents from secondhand smoke that enters apartments through walls and other areas, public and privately-owned housing complexes nationwide are adopting smoke-free policies. Residents are advocating for these policies due to health concerns, and building owners/managers are agreeing to adopt policies in an effort that protects the health of all residents and saves building owners costs in cleanup related to smoking-related damages.

Ohio Municipalities with Smoke-Free Laws:

Some Ohio communities have adopted their own laws to supplement the state law by adopting policies prohibiting tobacco use in public parks, on sidewalks, or other public areas.