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Septic Tanks

The regulations for all tanks used in sewage treatment systems (STS) in Ohio is governed by the requirements listed in the Ohio Administrative Code  (OAC) Section  3701-29-12.  As of January 1, 2016 all tanks used in STS shall be approved by the director for use in the state. 

Provided here is the link for the application, application instructions and checklist that needs to be submitted for review and approval to Ohio Department of Health to demonstrate that all the requirements for septic tanks outlined in chapter 3701-29-12 have been met.   

Manufacturers must submit a complete application, and follow the application instructions and checklist to demonstrate that all requirements for the tanks they are seeking approval for are met.  Once those applications are reviewed and approved by the Ohio Department of Health, a list will be generated to show the manufacturer along with all tanks that have been granted approval for use after January 1, 2016.

Tanks approved for use in Ohio after January 1, 2016.

Precast Concrete Voluntary Septic Tank Compliance Program (Approved until Jan 1, 2016.)

The Ohio Precast Concrete Association (OPCA) and ODH jointly developed a procedure to provide local health departments the access to testing information on precast concrete sewage component tanks. Through the voluntary compliance program, manufacturers of precast concrete sewage component tanks have the option to submit testing data. The data are meant to demonstrate compliance with the requirement in law that all tanks are structurally sound and watertight. This compliance program is strictly voluntary. Below are the links to the guidelines set forth in the program and participating manufacturers.

OPCA Voluntary Compliance Program Guidelines
OPCA Voluntary Tank Program Manufacturers List

Prefabricated Septic Tanks

OAC Rule 3701-29-20 allows for household sewage disposal system components or household sewage disposal systems differing in design or principal of operation from those set forth in rules 3701-29-01 to 3701-29-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code to qualify for approval as a special device or system, if comprehensive test and investigations show any such component or system produces results equivalent to those obtained by sewage disposal components or systems complying with such regulations.

Based on the review of the submitted information, the Director of Health approved the following trash traps/pump tanks or septic tanks as a special anaerobic sewage treatment device for use in Ohio.

List of approved prefabricated tanks

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