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Sewage Treatment Systems Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Requirements

Beginning with registration for calendar year 2016, six (6) CEUs must be obtained during the year prior to each registration renewal year (i.e. CEUs for the 2018 Registration Renewal will need to be obtained during the 2017 registration year).  

State and national certification options are listed in rule. For those contractors who do not wish to obtain and maintain such certification, six CE hours must be obtained each year. For now, CE options listed below may apply to multiple contractor categories unless otherwise specified. For example, a registering contractor who is an installer and a service provider would only need to obtain six CE hours total to renew in both categories of registration.

Responsibilities of Registering Contractor:
At the time of renewal registration, a contractor must provide a certificate of attendance including the number of CE hours for each educational session attended to achieve the required CE hours.  Please be sure to keep a copy of all continuing education events you attend.  

Responsibilities of Local Health Districts:
Annually starting in 2016, the local health district must confirm that any contractor renewing their registration as an installer, service provider or septage hauler provides evidence of certification or CE hours. The list of all approved CE options for the previous year will be maintained on this Web page. 

Responsibility of Continuing Education Providers:
Any entity wishing to provide continuing education must submit a STS Contractor Continuing Education Approval Application by email to or by fax to (614) 466-4556.  Please submit the application at least 10 days prior to the training event.

The following information/items must be included with each application for CE approval. 

  1. Learning Objectives – the learning objectives must clearly identify the knowledge and skill(s) the participants should acquire by participating in the program. 

  2. Presenter Qualifications – you must provide a statement of qualifications for each presenter, which must be attached to the application. These items should include the speaker(s) professional and background information. 

  3. Program/Training Schedule – Attach a copy of the program agenda, itinerary or outline with detailed times for breaks and lunches (if applicable).  CE will not be awarded for registration, breaks, lunches, pre-tests, post-tests, or program evaluations. 

  4. Brochure/Flyer – Submit a program brochure or flyer for the program/training, if one is available.

  5. Proof of Program Completion – Documentation of the completed program/training must be submitted to ODH within 60 days of completion, including a list of participants for the program/training.  Failure to submit proof of completion may result in the disapproval for future trainings/programs.

Continuing Education Providers CE Providers must provide a certificate of attendance to each contractor including the CE hours attended.

Upon receipt of the approval request, the Residential Sewage Program staff will review the application and supporting documents.  The requesting agency/organization will be notified of approval or disapproval within five days of receiving the application. If you have any questions about the application or the CE approval process, contact the Ohio Department of Health Residential Sewage Program at (614) 644-7551.

Continuing Education Options for Re-registration for sewage treatment systems installers, septage haulers and service providers:


ODH-approved Online Distance Learning Courses: 

Approved Environment Inc.   National Environmental Health Association   Wastewater Education 501 (c)3         

  ODH Approved CEUs for the 2019 Registration

  Journal Entry to approve active certification as OEPA Wastewater Operator be used in lieu of CEU's


   ODH Approved courses for 2018 Registration year


Page Updated: 06/01/18