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Registration Requirements for Sewage Treatment System Installers, Service Providers and Septage Haulers

All persons performing duties as a sewage treatment system installer, service provider, or septage hauler shall be registered with each Local Health District where they will be working per the requirements in rule 3701-29-03 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Registration applications may be accepted by the Local Health Districts prior to first day of January of each year. 

All registration applications must be complete.  All completed registration applications must be submitted to the Local Health Districts in which the work is intended.  The application must include the following:

        1. Registration Application Fee.
        2. Proof of passing the Testing Requirements. (If not done in 2015.)
        3. Proof of compliance with any system specific training, qualification, or 
certification required as
            a condition of a system’s approval the director.          
4. Proof of General Liability Insurance of not less than $500,000. 
        5. Beginning in 2016 Registration–Proof of completion of six (6) continuing education hours
            during the previous calendar year.    
6. Proof of a Surety Bond
        7. Submit a copy of the completed surety bond with the registration
            application and appropriate registration fee to the local health district.
        8. Any outstanding forms, permits, plans, service records, or other documentation for prior system work
            that have not been submitted to the local health districts.        
        9. Any other required information from the local health district.

Persons registering to install, provide service, or haul septage will not be registered until the local health district has reviewed, approved and processed the registration application along with making sure that ODH has received the proper bond paperwork. Submitting a registration application does not guarantee registration or immediate registration.

Registration must be complete prior to conducting any work on a sewage treatment system.  If you have not been contacted about the status of your registration, contact that local health district’s sewage program prior to performing any work.

page last reviewed:05/22/18