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Sewage Treatment Systems Contractor Testing Requirements

All persons registering as a sewage treatment system installer, service provider, or septage hauler shall take a test on the sewage treatment systems rules.

The test is an open book test with 75 multiple-choice questions. Each question will indicate which rule the question is related to. A copy of the sewage treatment system rules can be downloaded when you register to take the test if you do not have a copy. A minimum of three hours will be provided to take the open book test.

The test is available online at Operator Training of Ohio (, 
a private non-profit training organization that trains water and wastewater treatment plant operators, 
and other contractors.

A score of 75 percent (56 questions) or greater will be a passing score. A certificate will be provided upon passing the test.  This certificate will be required to register.

The primary registrant or a company representative must take the test. Additional testing will not be required, for additional registration years, once a passing score has been received.

Please contact the Residential Water and Sewage Program at the Ohio Department of Health at (614) 644-7551 if you need alternative accommodations to take the rules test.

Page last reviewed: 05/14/18