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Sewage Treatment Systems – Information for Installers, Service Providers and Septage Haulers

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3718 and Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-29-03 requires the registration of sewage treatment system installers, service providers and septage haulers with each local health district where they perform work.  Contractors must apply for a separate registration for each category of work performed prior to conducting work in a health district. 

An installer is defined as:

(FFF) “Installer” means any person who engages in the business of installing or altering or who, as an employee of another, installs or alters any sewage treatment system or gray water recycling system.

A service provider is defined as:

(OOOO)“Service provider” means any person who services, monitors, evaluates or samples, but does not install or alter, sewage treatment systems or gray water recycling systems.  For the purpose of this chapter, service provider shall include a homeowner servicing his own system to meet the requirement of a service contract for product approval or demonstration of maintenance for an O&M program established in accordance with rule 3701-29-19 of the Administrative Code.

A septage hauler is defined as:

(JJJJ) “Septage hauler” means any person who engages in the collection, transportation, disposal, and/or land application of domestic septage.  A septage hauler may also evaluate and report on the condition of any tank they are pumping.

Sewage treatment systems contractors are required to take a state exam prior to registration for 2015, and new contractors are required to take the exam prior to registration after 2015.  All sewage treatment system contractors are required to obtain a state surety bond and provide proof of general liability insurance in order to register for calendar year 2015 and each year thereafter.  Effective January 1, 2016, all contractors must submit proof of obtaining six (6) hours of continuing education (CE) for registration each calendar year. 

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The sewage contractor registration fact sheet provides a complete description of the registration requirements.

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