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Financial Resources for the Replacement and Management of Household Sewage Treatment Systems

 Final 2018 Water Pollution Control Loan Fund Program Management Plan Available

Ohio EPA is pleased to announce the availability of the "Final" 2018 Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Program Management Plan. The fund provides financial and technical assistance for a variety of projects, addressing the quality of Ohio's rivers, streams, lakes and other water bodies.

The plan and supporting documents are available at


If you have any questions, please contact us at or by calling (614) 644-3636.


Thank you for your continuing interest in improving Ohio's water resources.



CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Funds):

CDBG funds are not allocated specifically for household sewage system replacement, but have been utilized in some Ohio jurisdictions for the abatement of sewage nuisance conditions. Funds are generally limited to repair or replacement of failing systems, but have also been used for system abandonment and access to public sewer. Eligible applicants usually must meet an income requirement and be owner/occupants.

CDBG Contact: Your Local Board of County Commissioners

CHIP (Community Housing Improvement Program):

CHIP funds may be available in eligible jurisdictions. Applicants can apply for funds to address housing problems that will cover improvements to assure a safe and healthy environment, including the repair or replacement of a failing household sewage system.

CHIP Contact: Your Local Board of County Commissioners

USDA - Rural Housing and Rural Utilities Programs:

USDA funding is available to both property owners seeking grants or low interest loans for repair or replacement of failing sewage systems through the Rural Housing Service program under 502 Direct Loans and 504 Repair Loans and Grants. The pdf files below provide the brochures for these programs. Please contact either the state or district office below for more information.

The Rural Utilities Service also provides funds to and eligible rural jurisdictions for public sewer projects to serve neighborhoods with a significant number of failing systems (Water and Wastewater Disposal Loans and Grants).

Ohio 502 Loans and 504 Repair Loans and Grants 

USDA Rural Housing Service webpage

USDA Rural Utilities Service webpage

USDA Contact:
State Office: (614) 255-2500
NE Office - Massillon (330) 830-7700
SE Office - Marietta (740) 373-7113
SW Office - Hillsboro (937) 393-0920
NW Office - Findlay (419) 422-0242

Housing and Urban Development (HUD): HUD website

The federal HUD program may also be used to provide low interest loans to homeowners for the repair and rehabilitation of homes, and these costs may also be included as part of the home purchase depending on the final appraised value. Please contact the district HUD office below for more information.

Cincinnati: (513) 684-3451
Cleveland: (216) 522-4058
Columbus: (614) 469-5737

Last updated 12/18/17