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Sewage Treatment System Designer Page with Forms and Resources 

List of Designers

Listed below is a link of the designers by area code that were submitted by the local health districts to Ohio Department of Health that are doing design work.

Designers by Area Code 

Design Forms

Per the suggestion of several local health districts, the Ohio Department of Health Sewage Program has drafted example inspection forms in Excel format for the inspection of sewage treatment systems (STS). One set of forms is for the complete inspection of newly constructed or repaired systems, and the second is for the annual inspection of previously installed and approved systems as required per  Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-09 (H). These forms may be taken and customized by the local health districts.

Example STS Inspection Forms

For questions or additional information contact the Residential Water and Sewage Program at 614-644-7551 or email at

Additional Resources

The following list provides a variety of published investigations, research, journal articles and other resources regarding the design, installation, performance and impacts of sewage treatment systems. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but provides resources for local health districts, designers, contractors and homeowners that wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of sewage treatment systems.

Contamination of Ground Water and Contaminant Migration

Contamination of Surface Water 

Soil and Water Tables

System Design

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and Management 

Minimizing Nitrogen Discharges from Onsite Wastewater Systems

updated 12/02/15