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Program staff at ODH has been working with local health districts, the Operator Committee of Ohio (OTCO) and other experts to schedule training on different sewage treatment systems topics over the summer and this fall.

Please see list on the contractor page under Continuing Education Unit requirements for the link at the bottom of that page for a full listing of educational opportunities.

Here is a link to those summer training events

Video Recording of ODH Sewage Treatment System Rule Regional Meeting

The following link is to a streaming video presentation of the sewage treatment system regional meeting that was held at the Ohio Department of Health in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 3, 2014.  This was the first of seven regional meetings that was held throughout Ohio in the month of November to provide an overview of the new sewage treatment rules that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2015.  The following link has broken down this information into eight segments ranging in length from 23 minutes to 48 minutes.  Each segment has a description of the contents for each link.

Video of the Nov 2014 regional meeting


Ohio Department of Health 2015 Midwest Workshop Power Point Presentations 

Below are links to the presentations given.

From Soils to Design       O & M Program for a Medium Sized County        Winter Spray Study

Impacts TMDL have on Streams


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