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US EPA Encourages Homeowners to Maintain Septic Systems

Nearly one-fifth of American households depend on septic systems to treat their wastewater and failure to maintain a septic system can lead to backups, malfunctions and early failures that can result is costly repairs.  The EPA's SepticSmart programs educates homeowners about the proper system care and maintenance all year long.

Below are links to the EPA SepticSmart Web page along with other information for the proper care and maintenance of your septic system.

EPA SepticSmart      The Do's and Don'ts of your Septic SystemHomeowners Guide to Septic Systems

Do's and Don'ts of your Advanced Treatment Unit (ATU)   Proper Landscaping on and around your system 

New Installation, Alteration, Repair or Replacement of a Sewage Treatment System

Your local county or city health district is the first place to contact if you want to install a new sewage treatment system (STS), or alter, replace or abandon your existing sewage system. Local health districts will work with you to ensure a comprehensive review of your system, property and water use to determine the best solutions for proper wastewater treatment for your home, or to determine the correct repair of a malfunctioning system. Some local health districts offer the full range of services from site and soil evaluation to system design (depending on the system complexity required). A permit to install or alter a system must be obtained from the local health district before beginning any construction or repair activities on a system.

Steps for Constructing a New Sewage Treatment System

Steps for Altering or Repairing an Existing Sewage Treatment System

Sewage Treatment Systems Fact Sheets 

The following fact sheets may assist you in exploring the various STS types and technologies by providing a brief description of each system type along with the operation and maintenance required and average system costs for Ohio:

Operation and Maintenance of a Household Sewage Treatment System

Owning a household sewage treatment system is a big financial investment in your property.  It is a mini- wastewater treatment plant right in your yard.  Proper operation and maintenance of your system is very important to make sure it operates effectively and efficiently for many years and does not create nuisance conditions or contaminate water resources. 

A Homeowner's Guide to Evaluating Service Contracts

Basic Operation and Maintenance Fact Sheets:

Know Your Household Sewage System

Know Your Septic Tank

Power Outages and Sewage Treatment Systems
EPA Septic Smart
When your Septic System is Flooded
Reasons why not to use pool chlorine for disinfection

Sewage Treatment Systems Installed with Pretreatment Components since 2007

Sewage treatment systems installed with pretreatment components since 2007 have operation and maintenance manuals posted by system manufacturer on the Approved Pretreatment Components Page.  Please select the manufacturer pdf file for operational and maintenance to obtain the information.

Page Updated: 05/14/18