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Construction, Maintenance, and Operation

"No person shall construct, install, or otherwise substantially alter a public swimming pool until the plans have been submitted to and approved by the director of health." Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-31-05 (A)

Plan verification construction inspections - OAC 3701-31-05 (H):

Rough Inspections - OAC 3701-31-05 (H)(a)

 "If necessary one or more rough inspections shall be conducted before concrete or fill is placed to verify that all of the piping, inlets, skimmers or gutters, and drains in and to the public swimming pool and surrounding area were installed in accordance with the approved plans. More than one inspection shall be conducted if the piping, inlets, skimmers or gutters, or drains are installed in phases."

Final Inspection - OAC 3701-31-05 (H)(b)

"A final inspection shall be conducted when the public swimming pool is complete and ready to be placed in operation."

Construction/Maintenance - to be completed by pool Operators, Contractors, or Designers:

Approved Listings - OAC 3701-31-02 (G) specifies that the director shall maintain a listing of the following:


Safety Certification - approved courses:

 Updated: 7/12/17