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Minimum Data Set (MDS 3.0) and Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI)

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is a standardized uniform comprehensive assessment of all residents in Medicare or Medicaid certified facilities mandated by federal law (P.L.100-203) to be completed and electronically transmitted to the state.  The MDS identifies potential resident problems, strengths and preferences.

The role of the MDS has expanded beyond its primary purpose as an assessment tool used to identify resident care problems that are addressed in an individualized care plan.  Data collected from MDS assessments are used for the Medicare reimbursement system, many state Medicaid reimbursement systems and to monitor the quality of care provided to nursing facility residents.  The MDS contains items that reflect the acuity level of the resident including diagnoses, treatments and an evaluation of the resident’s functional status.  The MDS is used to monitor the quality of care in the nation’s nursing homes.

The MDS is just one part of the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) which consists of the MDS 3.0, Resident Assessment Protocols and Utilization Guidelines that help the facility evaluate conditions identified in the assessment.

The Ohio Department of Health is the state survey agency responsible for the survey and certification of long-term care facilities and for the implementation of the MDS data system. The Ohio Department of Medicaid utilizes the MDS data for reimbursement of Medicaid and is responsible for issues pertaining to Medicaid payment.

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