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MDS Start-up Information


In order to access the Minimum Data Sets (MDS) data submission site to submit MDS records to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, nursing homes must apply for user identification numbers and passwords.  These user identification numbers are required to allow applicants to enter the QIES ASAP data collection system to transmit MDS data.

The unique facility identifier shown in the heading of this letter is assigned to your facility for the purpose of transmitting/submitting MDS data.  The facility identifier (Facility ID) is placed in the header record and detail records of your submission file to identify the facility.  The Facility ID number must be provided on your Login ID request forms listed below in order to access the MDS data submission site to submit your MDS data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Network (CMSNet).  For additional information regarding the MDS process and helpful manuals, please refer to the QTSO website at (

NHs may obtain the following information at the QIES Technical Support Office Website at (


JRAVEN Software is a Java based application that provides an option for facilities to collect and maintain Facility, Resident and MDS Assessment information for subsequent submission to the appropriate state and/or national data repository. 

  • CMSNet Verizon Information

NHs must install the communication software and obtain a user id and password:  CMSNet Verizon (separate from the JRAVEN software).  For more information contact the Ohio MDS Help Desk at 614-466-0190 option 3 or the Verizon Help Desk at 888-238-2122.


1)    CMSNet (Verizon) Access Request Form:  Access and Requesting Forms ( Login IDs)

2)    MDS (Long Term Care) Personal Login ID Maintenance Forms

3)    Installation GuideFor CMSNet (Verizon) Remote User

NH facilities are not required to submit MDS data until they receive Medicare and/or Medicaid certification.  However, if they do wish to access the site and submit TEST data only, they may do so by following the procedures outlined in this letter.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Ohio Department of Health Help Desk at 614-466-0190.

Last Updated: 4/12/12


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