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Nursing Homes/ Facilities

The Ohio Department of Health licenses and/or certifies approximately 960 nursing homes/ facilities. 


Nursing home means a home used for the reception and care of individuals who by reason of illness or physical or mental impairment require skilled nursing care and of individuals who require personal care services but not skilled nursing care. A nursing home is licensed to provide personal care services and skilled nursing care.


The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing, Bureau of Licensure Operations is responsible for processing initial, renewal, and change of operator license applications. See link for applications/forms for a copy of the application and instructions.

The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing, Bureau of Licensure Operations certifies nursing facilities for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.


The Office of Health Assurance and Licensing, Bureau of Long Term Care is responsible for conducting on-site inspections/surveys of nursing homes/facilities for compliance with state and federal rules and regulations and to ensure the quality of care and quality of life of the residents. Each nursing home/facility in Ohio receives at least one unannounced inspection/survey during a 9 to 15 month inspection/survey cycle. During these surveys, all aspects of care and services are evaluated based on state and federal laws and rules. Information regarding the quality of care is available on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Nursing Home Compare website and the Department of Aging’s Long Term Care Consumer Guide.


The Bureau of Regulatory Enforcement enforces state licensing laws and rules and federal certification requirements for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The purpose is to protect the quality of care and quality of life of nursing home residents and to ensure prompt corrective action when facilities are not in compliance with regulatory requirements through imposition of remedies, such as civil monetary penalties, denial of payment, state monitoring, directed in-service training, termination of provider agreements and/or licensure revocation.


Investigation of a complaint in a nursing home/facility is completed by surveyors after receiving the written documentation from the Ohio Department of Health complaint unit located in Columbus, Ohio. The toll free number for registering complaints is 1-800-342-0553 or click here: File a Complaint. The complainant may choose to be anonymous.

Health Care Provider and Services: To obtain real-time information, generate, print and download reports regarding health care providers that are licensed and/or Medicare/Medicaid certified by the Ohio Department of Health. 

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