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mother babyHave you considered how previous/current STIs or infectious diseases may affect your pregnancy?
Infectious Disease and Immunizations - Preconception Health & Health Care Initiative

What are the basic steps to planning a pregnancy?
Planning for Pregnancy - CDC Guidelines

Do you know what vaccinations are recommended before, during and after pregnancy?
Vaccinations and Pregnancy - March of Dimes

Are you aware of what foods to limit or avoid during pregnancy?
Foods to Limit/Avoid - March of Dimes

Do you know how to keep breast milk healthy for your baby?
Keeping breast milk safe & healthy - March of Dimes

Do you know what screening tests should be done in each trimester of pregnancy?
Prenatal Tests - March of Dimes

Have you started prenatal care visits?
Prenatal Care Checkups - March of Dimes

Are you curious about our state health profile? Get it here.
Ohio State Health Profile - CDC

NIH- How to talk to your Doctor

The Ohio Department of Health
Reproductive Health Resources for All Ohioans

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