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Not (PIC)turing Pregnancy - Diabetes

Diabetes-What is it? This is when you have high blood glucose (a type of sugar) levels due to insulin issues. When your body does not create insulin you most likely have type 1 diabetes. When your body produces insulin but in unable to properly use it you most likely have type 2 diabetes. If you were to get pregnant gestational diabetes can occur around the 24th week.



  • African American.

  • Asian American, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

  • American Indians/Alaska Natives.




  • If you have diabetes you have a higher risk of getting skin infections, cataracts, other eye complications, and neuropathy (this is nerve damage and numbness especially in feet).

  • You also have an increased risk of stroke, ketoacidosis, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and gastroparesis.

  • If you have diabetes and were to get pregnant you have an increased risk of passing glucose (sugar) and ketones (substances due to diabetes) to your baby in the womb which may increase birth defects.

  • Early pregnancy when organs are being created is one of the most important times to have glucose levels under control. To decrease risk, have your glucose in your target range 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.



(PIC)turing Ohio: 13.5 percent of the adult population in Ohio have diabetes and 286,000 people in Ohio have diabetes but don’t know it.



  • A healthcare provider can measure your blood glucose levels to determine if you are at risk or have diabetes.

  • Type 1 diabetes requires daily insulin injections or a pump to monitor blood sugar levels. Exercise, nutrition and support are key in living with type 1 diabetes.

  • If you think you have type 2 diabetes you can go and get your blood sugar levels tested to get diagnosed. You can then work with a health provider to form a plan to get you back in a healthy blood sugar range.

  • If you decide you want to get pregnant in the future, go for a preconception appointment where you doctor can measure your glucose levels if you decide you want to get pregnant.


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Page Updated: 8/9/2017