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Not (PIC)turing Pregnancy - Heart Disease

Heart Disease-What is it?

This is also known as cardiovascular disease. There are several conditions that are included in this. Usually it is due to atherosclerosis which is when there is plaque on the walls of arteries. This takes up space making it more difficult for blood to flow properly.



  • This can result in a heart attack, ischemic stroke (when a blood clot blocks the brain from getting blood), hemorrhagic stroke (when a vessel in the brain breaks), heart failure (when the heart isn’t functioning properly and moving enough blood through the body) and arrhythmia (when the heart doesn’t have a normal rhythm or heart valve problems (includes not closing or opening properly).

  • Heart disease increases the chances of having a miscarriage, preterm birth and neonatal death.

  • The child is also more likely to develop heart disease in their life.

  • For the mother, there is also an increase of hemorrhage after giving birth.


(PIC)turing Ohio:

Heart disease (24 percent) was the leading cause of death in Ohio in 2010 and stroke (5 percent) was in fourth place.



  • Continue to monitor your blood pressure to catch any changes. You should stop using drug, alcohol and tobacco, continue to get physical activity and eat nutritious foods.

  • Check with your doctor to make sure the medications you are taking don’t have drug or food interaction risks. Do not stop taking a medicine until you consult a doctor first.

  • If you have heart disease you should get assessed by a healthcare provider before you get pregnant. Certain types of heart disease are a higher threat to complications than others during pregnancy.



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Page Updated: 8/9/2017