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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program


What is the Ohio WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program?
Ohio WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) provides nutritionally at-risk women and children with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from farmers’ markets and farmstands. This is accomplished through the issuance of four $5 coupons that eligible WIC participants may take to contracted Ohio farmers or markets to redeem for fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and herbs. Participants receive supplementary nutrition education on the importance of these foods in their diets.

When was the program started?
The program was signed into law in July 1992. In Ohio, the FMNP began as a privately funded program in 1992. The program received federal funding beginning in 1994. Currently, Ohio provides 30 percent of the administrative funds to operate the program while 70 percent of the administrative cost is met with federal funds. 100 percent of the food costs are met by federal funds.

Why was it started?
The FMNP was initiated to provide WIC participants with the ability to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables in an effort to improve their diets. In addition, the FMNP educates participants about the availability and use of farmers’ markets and farmstands. This in turn provides for increased sales of fruits, vegetables and herbs for small independent Ohio farmers and markets.

Who is eligible to participate?
Currently, only the highest risk participants of the WIC program, those being pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, some children and infants, receive benefits.

How many counties participate in FMNP?
In fiscal year 2017, the Ohio WIC FMNP served 25,665 participants in 61 counties located throughout Ohio. During fiscal year 2018, Madison and Wayne Counties will join the program, bringing the participating county total to 63.

How can I become an authorized WIC FMNP farmer?
To become an authorized Ohio WIC FMNP farmer, please contact the Ohio Department of Health, WIC Program at 1-800-282-3435 or your local WIC office.


Last Revised: 5/16/2018