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Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

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The Vendor Register 

Below are the Ohio WIC EBT Implementation updates that have been published in The Ohio WIC Grocers Corner and The Vendor Register newsletters since March 2012. We plan to be fully implemented in the state of Ohio by calendar year 2016.

Ohio WIC EBT - Ready Stores

Instructions on Updating UPCs

Integrated vs. Stand-Beside POS Descriptions

The Vendor Register April 2015

The Vendor Register January 2015

The Vendor Register October 2014

The Vendor Register July 2014

The Vendor Register April 2014

Mar-Apr-May 2012

Jun-Jul-Aug 2012

Sept-Oct-Nov 2012

Feb-Mar-Apr 2013

May-Jun-Jul 2013

Aug-Sept-Oct 2013

Vendor WIC Nutrition Card Letter #2014-001

Certified Electronic Cash Register (ECR) System Table (revised 1/13)


Last Updated: 11/2015