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Complaint Procedures

In order to serve over 210,000 WIC participants per month, the WIC program must identify and eliminate program abuse by both vendors and participants. The state or local WIC office should be notified immediately of any suspected or known violations. Please complete the Bureau of Health Services Complaint Form if you identify any program abuse.

Complaints Filed Against Participants

Participant complaints are those complaints filed by authorized WIC vendors or others against WIC participants. These complaints include, but are not limited to:

• Rude behavior or adverse treatment of a vendor's owner, manager or employees;

• Purchase or attempted purchase of unauthorized foods with WNC;

• Persistent attempts to purchase larger quantities of an authorized supplemental food item than included on the WNC;

• Transaction of the WNC at an unauthorized vendor; and

• Sale of the WNC or other Food and Nutrition Service (SNAP/FNS) benefits.

Complaints Filed Against Vendors

Vendor complaints are those complaints filed by WIC participants or others against a vendor. Vendor complaints include, but are not limited to:

• Adverse treatment of a WIC participant by a vendor's owner, manager or employee;

• Charging more to WIC participants than other customers;

• Providing outdated or spoiled food items;

• Refusal to accept manufacturers' coupons, or other store discounts; and

• Inadequate variety and/or quantity of WIC-authorized supplemental food items.


Last Updated: 5//16/2018