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Vendors are required to attend a face-to-face training prior to becoming an authorized vendor.  Once authorized, it is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that cashiers and store personnel are trained on WIC requirements and responsibilities.  Failure to do so can result in civil money penalties or disqualification.  Throughout the contracting period, vendors may request additional training by contacting their assigned Vendor Specialist at (800) 282-3435. 

The following training options are provided to vendors throughout the contracting period:

Training DVD for EBT- click below to view training   

Transacting the WIC Nutrition Card (WNC)

  • Participants will be trained to separate WIC purchases from other purchases.  It will be up to vendors whether or not this will be required in order to conduct the WIC transaction.
  • Cashier will request that the participant insert WNC into terminal card reader.
  • When prompted, the participant will be required to enter the 4 digit PIN#.  Only the participant can perform this function.  It is a violation of WIC policy if the PIN is entered by the vendor.
  • Once the PIN is entered, a Beginning Food Balance receipt will print.
  • After scanning of WIC purchases is complete, the cashier will ask the participant to review the Foods Purchased receipt or display screen.
  • Cashier will deduct manufacturer coupons, store discount cards, or other discounts from the total.
  • The participant will be asked to verify the WNC purchases are correct and will press “Yes” or “No.”  Only the participant can perform this function.   It is a violation of WIC policy if the purchases are verified by the vendor.
  • Once the purchase is confirmed the Ending Balance receipt will print.  All three receipts and the store receipt should be given to the participant and can be referred to at the time of the next WNC shopping trip.
  • The participant will be instructed to remove the WNC from the terminal card reader when prompted, which will complete the transaction.
  • Do not accept any out of state WIC Nutrition Cards.  The State of Ohio is unable to pay vendors for WIC benefits issued by other states

If An Item Will Not Scan

  • If an item does not scan, it is either not WIC allowed, not on the participant's WNC, not on the authorized products list, benefits have expired, or the item exceeds the food item quantity or size.
  • The participant should not be able to use the WNC card benefit for an item that will not scan
  • If the item appears to be a WIC allowable product, it should be reported to a Manager for follow up.  The Manager can follow procedures for adding and/or updating UPC codes by clicking on this link.


Last Updated: 2/2016