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The Oral Health Program is a source of information and training materials on oral health topics for dental and other professionals, especially those who work in public health settings.  

Click on Dental Professionals for a list of items of interest to the dental team, including continuing education courses.  

Click on Dental Safety Net Programs to learn about the dental safety net dental clinics in Ohio. This page also provides information about:

  • Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas in Ohio.
  • Loan repayment programs for dentists and dental hygienists. 

Click on Medical Professionals for oral health education materials for physicians, nurses, school nurses and other health care workers. This page also has links to websites that offer information about:

  • The link between oral health and overall health.
  • How to conduct an oral health assessment.
  • How to provide anticipatory guidance.
  • How to apply fluoride varnish.
  • Referrals to Ohio's dental safety net clinics.

Click on Educators for materials for teaching oral health in the classroom and information about the school-based oral health programs conducted in Ohio. Included on this page are links to websites with oral health activities for students.  

Click on Head Start Programs for resources to help implement oral health performance standards. 


Last Updated: 09/27/2017
Last Reviewed: 02/01/2018