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Dental Safety Net Programs

The dental “safety net” includes public dental clinics, school-based dental care and mobile/portable dental care programs. Dental safety net clinics provide dental care to patients covered by Medicaid, and offer sliding-fees, reduced fees or free care to patients who can't afford to pay a private dentist. These clinics are mostly run by local health departments, health centers, hospitals and other organizations.  

The Ohio Department of Health maintains a list of the dental safety net clinics in Ohio and a printable brochure.

Dental safety net clinics are usually located in areas that don’t have enough dentists to serve people with lower incomes; these areas are called Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas. Click on the tab in the left menu to learn what areas of the state have been designated as shortage areas by the federal government.

General and pediatric dentists and dental hygienists who work in areas without enough dentists and dental hygienists can apply for repayment of school loans related to their professional training. Click on Loan Repayment Programs to learn more.


Page Updated: 02/01/2018