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Eligibility and Requirements

Eligible candidates for Ohio’s loan repayment programs include:

  • Dental and dental hygiene students enrolled in the final year of dental or dental hygiene school.
  • Dental residents in the final year of pediatric or general practice residency or in advanced education in general dentistry programs.
  • Currently practicing general and pediatric dentists and dental hygienists with educational loans.

To qualify for loan repayment, clinicians must provide dental services in dental practice sites located in underserved areas, practicing either full-time (40 hours per week) or part-time (20-39 hours per week).  Limited teaching activities in the clinical setting at the approved dental practice site may be permitted.  Services must be provided for Medicaid-eligible persons and others without regard to a patient's inability to pay.  Dental health professionals are paid a salary in addition to the loan repayment they receive.

Applicants who currently have an obligation for service with the National Health Service Corps Scholarship, Loan Repayment or Student to Service Programs, MEDTAPP Program  or other entity are not eligible to participate unless that service obligation will be completely satisfied prior to signing the loan repayment contract.

Please review the following documents to learn about the criteria that will be used to evaluate applications:

Ohio Dentist Loan Repayment Program Scoring Criteria
Ohio Dental Hygienist Loan Repayment Program Scoring Criteria

Page Updated: 2/16/17