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 Oral Health Data & Reports

The Oral Health Program collects data on the oral health status of people in Ohio and their ability to get dental care. Data are used to measure the amount of dental disease over time and track whether the oral health of people in Ohio is getting better.  Read this fact sheet about the Oral Health Program's data collection and reporting activities.

The program maintains an oral health fact sheet for each of Ohio’s 88 counties.  Visit the Ohio Oral Health Surveillance System to find the fact sheet for your county.

Click on State Data to learn about the surveys conducted across the state and what they tell us about the oral health of Ohioans.

The federal government collects data and reports on the oral health of our nation.  Click on National Data to learn about these surveys.

Click on Reports and Publications to see a list of reports, data briefs and presentations about the oral health of Ohioans.

Sometimes people in a county or community want to learn more about the oral health of their residents and the Oral Health Program can offer advice on sound ways of collecting oral health data.  Click on How to Collect Oral Health Data to learn more about the resources available for doing a local oral health survey.


Last Reviewed: 5/18/17