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Dental Safety Net Clinics 

Dental safety net clinics provide dental care to people on Medicaid, and offer sliding-fees, reduced fees or free care to patients who don't have dental insurance or can't afford to pay a private dentist. The dental "safety net" includes public dental clinics, dental care provided to schoolchildren, and mobile/portable dental care programs (e.g., mobile dental vans). These programs provide basic dental care such as exams, X-rays, fillings, extractions, root canals and dentures.

Ohio has about 100 dental safety net clinics in 48 counties.They are listed in this spreadsheet by county. A printable brochure by county is also available. Counties that are not listed in the spreadsheet or brochure do not have a dental safety net clinic.  

Many clinics require that you live in the same county to get dental care. Please contact each clinic to learn more about the dental care offered, the hours the clinic is open and payment options.


Page Updated: 8/3/2018