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Welcome to the new Ohio Department of Health “RADUCATION” site, sponsored by the Department’s Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection (BEHRP).

The RADUCATION site is intended to be a place where people may go to find factual information and resources that will allow site visitors to learn about and understand the different aspects of radiation: where it comes from, how it is used and regulated, and what is its effect on people and the environment. Having accurate information is vital to all of us if we are to make informed decisions on the issues that may interest us or impact our daily lives.

Each RADUCATION segment will include a brief presentation on a specific radiation topic, with links to other information sources related to the items discussed. These sources may come from other state or federal government agencies, universities, professional organizations, or citizen groups.

We want this information site to be helpful and relevant. If you have specific questions about the information provided on this site, or if you have suggestions for future topics to be presented, please use the contact information found at the end of each module.

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Last Updated: 12/03/2015